Video Projects

our SOng Video projects

Visions of God's Angelic Dominion
A Song showing what a Nation Reaps! Ps 139
Meltdown! Societies Collapses!
Power of God! He's in control of All!
Who Am I! Can a Millennial define themselves?
Can a Marriage couple forgive?
God Creating Mankind
Comeback from life's unexpected
Battle of the Mind! A way out of Stress!
Run the Race & Reach the Finish line!
Dance for Jesus and Celebrate your Freedom!
Fight the Fight against Socializm!
Wrestle not against Flesh & Blood
Do you Worship Idols? How about Music Icons?
Wake up Church - Appeal to the Sleeping Church
Jesus is still there in Times of Trouble!!
Call on His Name
Psalm 23 - We will all need at some time!
Shock Wave! Greatest Crime ever committed!
Going to the Son! Final Destination!
Help is on the way
Welcome Me Home into Jesus's Heaven
Remember Me
Wild Ride
Minneapolis Burn - Lawlessness at large!