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our SOng Video projects

God Speaks
Society is cracking apart at the seams!
Wild Ride
Christ Solid Rock
Going to the Son! Final Destination!
This I know Jesus there in Times of Trouble
Psalm 23 - We will all need at some time!
Dance for Jesus and Celebrate your Freedom!
Welcome Me Home into Jesus's Heaven
Remember Me
Comeback from life's unexpected
Call on His Name
Can a Marriage couple forgive?
Battle of the Mind! A way out of Stress!
Who Am I! Can a Millennial define themselves?
Visions of God's Angelic Dominion
A Song showing what a Nation Reaps! Ps 139
Run the Race & Reach the Finish line!
Power of God! He's in control of All!
Meltdown! Societies Collapses!
God Creating Mankind
Fight the Fight against Socializm!
Wrestle not against Flesh & Blood
Do you Worship Idols? How about Music Icons?
Wake up Church - Appeal to the Sleeping Church
Shock Wave! Greatest Crime ever committed!
Help is on the way
Wish and prayer upon a falling star
Touch the sky
Minneapolis Burn - Lawlessness at large!
Worship differently
A time to Celebrate Victory