Psalm 23

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The Lord is my Shepherd Psalm 23- a Modern-day song version

A modern-day song version of King David’s Psalm 23 with words straight from the Bible!  We will all need this psalm some day.

The song highlights the Lord shepherding his sheep as He leads them through valleys and mountain top highs.

Whether it be His rod of correction and discipline or leading and instruction in the valleys even for some experiencing the shadow of death.

Whether it be going through mountain top heights where the Lord is so close that you feel His presence and want His presence all the days of your life to dwell in the house of the Lord!

David, I hope you like this version? 😊

What I consider astonishing …

What I consider astonishing is to lay out a song melody with a mindset to use Psalm 23 words.

The words just fit into the song without much effort while singing directly from the Bible.  How about that for a fit?  Is that just a perfect way to sing a song but using God’s Words instead of man’s words which normally speak out their emotions.

While listening take out your Bible and follow along

While listening, you might want to take out your Bible and follow along while reading Psalm 23.   Someday you will need Psalm 23 guaranteed!

Forced to be in the center of God’s sanctuary

There are times when we are forced to be in the center of God’s sanctuary by depending on His safety while resting in Him, examples are “… He makes me lie down in green pastures … “, or “… Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me …”.

He uses His rod to discipline us and protect us from the enemy and His staff, a curved half loop to bring us back in and guide us!

We go through the valley of death as struggle in life when it appears there’s no way out but for the Lord to deliver!

We also conclude that the flesh cannot be tamed but we are to consider it dead to sin as we consider ourselves crucified with Christ daily, Galatians 2:20!

The flesh or the old Adam likes to boast and exalt itself rather that God!

And then there is that someday when we will all go through the valley of death to remove the stubborn flesh inherited by Adam!

On our death beds, we will need encouragement while getting ready to meet our savior.   Psalm 23 is for you!

Medicine to your soul

As you listen to this song, I encourage you to read a psalm a day as medicine to your soul!   Don’t let depression, or anxiety creep in!  Identity with David in His ups and downs and rest in His conclusion of trusting in the Lord!

Don’t wait for some Sunday service or some radio show or some book to give you direction for the day, but meditate on God’s Word daily and His truths will energize your spirit and soul!  God Spirit speaks to our spirit as He ignites our soul, which consists of the body, emotions and mind.

We are dumb sheep that need guidance and we can easily react on emotions rather that God’s Truth!

One wonders about music artist and their motivation for each song!  I can assure you that my songs are first and foremost for the heart of the Lord in the weakness of my nature as I daily interaction with the Lord!

The layout for this melody took about a month, a little here and there a few hours a day.  The singing of vocals about a week.  The making of the video about 2 weeks.

The videos can be shared to perhaps encourage the body of believers or to encourage those that have not made the step of faith into His Kingdom through Jesus Christ!

All my songs have a biblical message

All my songs have a biblical message with a variety of catchy beats and rhythms.   Each song has a different melody to get away from various clones of rock style music.   No two songs are alike!

Share with others when you are blessed and reap rewards in heaven for your good works!   Exalt the Lord as the times are evil!