Seven Year Tribulation

The Most Important Truth to understand End time events!

The most import truth to know in Eschatology or end times events is to understand the 70 weeks prophesy!   The time spent is a good investment to master this  important topic and you’ll know how the last seven years fits into Prophesy!   Most will bypass this truth and head off to the book of Revelation of other sections in the book of Daniel with erroneous interpretation!

If this basic truth is not grasp or understood than why study end time prophesy?  It makes no sense because the book of Revelation can’t be understood without knowing the 70 weeks prophesy!   If you just like to push articles around on emotion but don’t take the time to understand the basic 70 weeks prophesy then you are susceptible to accept any person persuasion and then the next person seems correct going from one person to the next!

From a Biblical point of view, you should be able to explain the 70-week prophesy to your friend using a chart as outlined here.   Knowing this basic 70-week prophesy will cause you to believe without a doubt the precise truth God is communication to those who search out His treasuries!  

Why the Sabbatical Year?  Does it hold the secrets to All Bible Prophecy?

If you understand this, then you’re on your way to unlocking the greatest mystery of End Time Prophecy and understanding where the Seven-Year-Tribulation comes from and how Jesus Christ the Messiah comes to defeat Anti-Christ and save a remnant of Israel.   You won’t get the Seven-Year-Tribulation from the book of Revelation.

However if you haven’t looked at the Sabbatical Year tab, I would suggest that you briefly look at that and determine why God even thought of a Seven-Year-Tribulation?  That is a good starting point and then come back here for the details!

    1. Daniel gave the exact time and predicted precisely when Jesus would die on the cross!  Did you know that? 
    2. That Jerusalem and the 2nd Temple would be destroyed?  They were destroyed  in 70 A.D. 
    3. Daniel gives exact times to know precisely when the Seven-Year-Tribulation will begin even with details of events to happen at midpoint.  The book of Revelation will then fill in the details!

Where does the Seven-Year-Tribulation come from?

Many people start in the book of Revelation to interpret End Time events and therefore come up with erroneous doctrines.

You could never establish the Seven-Year-Tribulation from the book of Revelation. You have to go back to the book of Daniel to get this!

The book of Daniel is the Key to the book of Revelation or the thumbnail blueprint that provides the foundations for End Time events

Daniel 9 timeline

70 times 7 Weeks or 490 years – Do the Math!

To understand this prophecy, one must simply understand what the Biblical term for the meaning of week.

Look at the chart above and don’t let it scare you.  Just  concern yourself with yellow strip at the bottom of the chart “Daniel 9, the 70 weeks 490 Yrs.” for now. The one that shows the “Decree by Cyrus to rebuild the temple Ezra 1“. This is important as we cannot stress the importance of this event to rebuild the destroyed Solomon Temple! GOD is Starting a Time Clock and providing prophecy to this date!!!

But First Lets understand what a Biblical Week means?

Ask yourself, what does a week mean to you?  It means seven days.  But for Biblical interpretation just substitute the seven days for seven years.   I’ll provide a link to get more understanding below.   For now, just to get started, please accept that.

So for example if we have 1 week in Biblical meaning, it’s 1 times a week which equals 7 years.

And for example, if we have 7 weeks, its 7 times 7 weeks which is 49 years.

There are seventy weeks or 70 * 7 or 490 years to complete the end of transgression for Israel, Daniel 9:24.  Notice it states this is for Israel.

Look at the chart and let’s do the math!

Again refer to the yellow box highlighted above: showing 7 weeks or 7 * Seven weeks equal 49 years in rebuilding the walls and the city Jerusalem.

    1. Starting with 7 weeks or calculated to years is  7 * 7 = 49 years – From the decree to build  Wall of Jerusalem to restoration of the city JerusalemRemember there is a remnant of Israelite’s now freed from Babylon captivity to come back to their destroyed nation to rebuild.  
    2. Then count 62 weeks * Seven or 434 years from completion of wall, Daniel 9:25 and you end up at 33 AD where Christ on Psalm Sunday as we call it is rejected by the Jews and will die shortly on the cross as the Messiah is cut off!  At the moment the Jews reject Christ, the Time clock stops and there is 1 week  remaining or Seven Years left known as the Tribulation on the time clock.  It’s not by chance and It’s shocking that the numbers add up to the actual time Jesus would be rejected on Psalm Sunday and a literal 7 days later Jesus would die on the cross!
    3. To review.!  Stay with me….  How many years have passed in total since the time clock started when Cyrus decreed and gave permission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem? Again it’s 49 years + 434 years = 483 years total from the start of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem to the cut off of Christ and that leaves 1 week left to add up to 490 years to end sin which is the Seven year Tribulation period yet to be fulfilled! That is 490 years before sin is completely cut off per Daniel 9:24!  Remember the last seven years or the Seven Year Tribulation has not started yet.   Stay with me…  The good news is that we can know precisely when the Seven Year Tribulation will begin.   The Bible tells us without guessing but first let look into some more details of the 444 B. C. Decree.

What’s so great about the 444 B. C. Decree?

What’s so great about using the 444 B.C. Date is the fact that it uses a prophetic year (360 days) instead of the Gregorian Calendar year (365 days). There are solid biblical reasons for looking at this prophecy from a prophetic year perspective as opposed to any other type of year. 483 prophetic years is equal to 173,880 days (360 days X 483 years = 173,880 days). Going forward in time (the year 0 is skipped) from March 4, 444 B.C. (Neh. 2:1-8) 483 prophetic years would bring you out around March 30, A.D.33. which could easily be the date of the Jesus Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem found in Matthew 21. This would then be followed by His crucifixion on April 3rd A.D.33.

Daniel 9:25 – Predicted Messiah Palm Sunday

Predicted Messiah that comes the first time to die on the Cross!

The command in Daniel 9:25 is where God starts His time clock at the “restore and build Jerusalem” until the Messiah the Prince which is Psalm Sunday.

Using Nehemiah 2:1 as the starting point, March 5, 444 B.C. and taking it to Palm Sunday, March 30, 33 A.D. to where Jesus riding on a colt. Landing up at Palm Sunday is exactly 69 weeks or 69 * 7 = 483 years from the command, going forth to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem to the Messiah the Prince!

Daniel 9:26 – Two Predictions: Messiah dies on Cross & 2nd Temple destruction 70 A. D.

Final time line of Prophesy – Final 7 years!

The prediction of Christ to die on the cross and the destruction of Jerusalem and the 2nd temple destroyed have been fulfilled!

When did the prophetic time clock stop?

This is where God’s time clock stops because the Jews reject Christ and Christ dies on the cross for mankind!  This calculation is done using a Jewish 360 days a year and omitting leap years.  This leave 7 years remaining on God’s time table for end times fulfillment of Daniel 9:24.

Daniel 9:27 – Restarts God’s Time Clock: 7 Yr. Tribulation, 3rd Temple

Notice Daniel 9:27 – is when the 7-year tribulation begins specifically by the Anti-Christ offering a 7-year peace treaty to Israel.  At this point, Gods time clock starts again!   This single passage lets the reader know for certainty when the 7-year tribulation begins

Five Signs of the Biblical Peace Treaty per Daniel 9:27!   Anything short of this is just hype!

  • Prophetically we are looking for characteristics of the Biblical Peace Treaty outlined in Daniel 9:27 that starts the Seven-Year-Tribulation of God’s Wrath on this earth.

          1. The signing of the Seven-Year- Peace Treaty is the start of the Seven-Year-Tribulation!   God’s time clock restarts to complete the 490-year prophesy of Daniel.   Currently only 383 years have been fulfilled on God’s time clock of unfinished business with Israel!   Daniel 9:24 decrees the 490-years prophesy!
          2. Anti-Christ will be known and Anti-Christ will make firm covenant (and be the broker arrange or negotiate a settlement, deal, or plan) to present the peace treaty to Israel!   He will break it midway – Mathew 24:15!
          3. Peace Contract will be for Seven-Years of peace!  Look for a 7-year contract only!
          4. Many nations will be involved!   Prior to the Trump deal, there is only a peace treaty with Egypt and Jordan!
          5. Temple sacrifices to begin!   Currently there are no official animal sacrifices initiated except those by extremist as labeled by the people of Israel.   Control over the Temple Mount is in control of Muslims. 

I am Amused how quickly people think the Trump Peace plan is the Daniel 9:27 Covenant!

Sorry folks. The Trump plan is not the Daniel 9:27 plan! Be cautious and not fooled! Anyone can quote scripture from the Old Testament and sound serious and act like a scholar but is far from the truth and is speaking without understanding scripture.

For starters.  There is nothing in the Trump plan that says it’s for 7 years!  Nothing!   There is some mention of giving four years to accepts it but don’t be fooled by clever talk!

The Seven Year covenant must include Temple sacrifices to officially begin.  At the moment it’s just the extremist that have some sporadic sacrifices.  Temple sacrifices have not officially begun!  The Temple sacrifices will be aborted at the midway point!

Think about it folks….  Why do you think Israel at the moment may accept or be persuaded to a trade land for temporary peace with Palestinians?  
They don’t want to but currently the Palestinians have no voting rights!  Again no voting rights! If Israel continues as they are right now, they should allow the Palestinians to vote!   There is lots of global pressure to give Palestinians rights! And if they vote they can do more harm to the Nation Israel!   They would vote Israel out of existence but of course God won’t allow that!  If the TRUMP peace plan gives them a Capital and some land, than Israel can delay or avoid the Palestinians to be official voters in Israel! 

Again, this is not the Daniel 9:27 covenant!  The Ezekiel 38 war will cause many casualties in the Muslim community and most likely clear the way for the Daniel 9:27 peace plan.

How does the Preterist fit in to the scheme of things?

Get to know the Preterist because they are out in full force and delight to destroy your hope and rob you of joy in fixing your eyes on Jesus coming in the clouds to Rapture you prior to God’s Wrath on this earth! They may not be aware of the scripture where there is a Crown of Righteousness for those that long for His appearing. See Crowns!

The Preterist is defined as those declaring past events such as the Temple #2 and Jerusalem that were destroyed in 70 A. D. completes the prophesy for Israel. The Preterist also hold to a preposterous view that the Church replaces Israel.

The full fledged Preterist will stop at the above statement and won’t go any further. Their minds are arrogant and delusional and bent on one interpretation of Scripture, Galatians 3:28, that the Gentiles and Jews are one in Christ! But let’s quote the whole Scripture and not just pick and choose to omit the rest of the scripture and meaning.

Galatians 3:26-29

26 For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. 27 For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. 29 And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

They leave out slave, male or female!   Simply stated, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is open to all!  The scripture verse says “If you are Christ” then there is no distinction between any class of people or race!  Do you see the condition and the word “if”?

At this point, the Jews as a whole are not in Christ and He is purging them to gather a remnant of them that are in Abraham’s seed.

Again the Nation of Israel is not in Christ and Abraham’s true seed until God does His unfinished work in them.

Watch the 1 minute Video why God Restored Israel “Israel Restored” and read Romans starting at 11:1 to know that God is not done with Israel?

Those that hold the Preterist view have not read or interpreted their Bibles correctly and do not understand that God has unfinished business with the Nation Israel.

Never has there been a firm Covenant or peace treaty signed with Israel for seven years and then broken at the midway point of the Tribulation! The Wrath of God has never fulfilled the Seven Year Tribulation as recorded in the book of Revelation where over half the world dies starting at seal judgment #4 and to Bowl #6 has there? A video song of hope and comfort, “Thief in the Night” for those who have it in their minds that they have to go through the Seven-Year-Tribulation!

Preterist are even at a loss of words as to why Israel is a Nation today and think that the Zionist Christians are responsible for that instead of God fulfilling His Word!

Follow this link for more information on the Preterist!

What happens at the Midway point of the Tribulation?

At the midway point of the Tribulation, is where Jesus in Matthew 24 talks about the abominations of desolation where some despicable sacrifice is offered or Anti-Christ offers himself on the altar and immediately the Jews know that they have been worshiping the Anti-Christ and Jesus instructs them to flee to the mountains.  Sacrifices will stop!

Prophecy not yet fulfilled!

Notice the Abomination of desolation prophesy has not been fulfilled yet because Israel was not a nation at the time of Antiochus Epiphanes.

Antiochus Epiphanes was certainly a type of Anti-Christ during the 167—166 BC for his deplorable acts in sacrifices but again Jesus spoke of a future fulfillment in Mathew 24.

God decrees that Israel will be Restored Spiritually!

Although it seem impossible that God could restore the nation Israel Spiritually to Himself but if God declares it to happen, it will happen!  The following page, “Israel Restored Spiritually” has highlights on this subject matter.

Pass it on for other Christians in the body to enjoy! 

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