Celebrate Victory

Remember the Good Ole Days & How we could Celebrate Freedom?

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Celebrating Freedom


Against all odds in the fraudulent vote count debacle, President Trump continues to fight for America’s freedoms, to exercise traditional values while attempting to restrain the Marxist Socialist in Fight the fight .   It seemed that he was our last defense against a financial reset and delaying the radical leftist laws in the declining moral deterioration in America!  No one is perfect, but his policies line up more with Biblical values.   People are so quick to criticize the President Trump but try walking in his shoes with the world’s problems upon your shoulder and see how you would react.

I added an addendum to the above statementlast defense against a finical reset and delaying the radical leftist laws“. We knew from scripture that the USA would decline as being a superpower, but no one thought it would actually happen in thirty seconds as it did when Trump lost and the new administration took over in a Marxist Socialist style! So the Celebrate victory video is now irreverent and put aside for perhaps for a brighter day? I lean more to the thoughts in the Avalanche video . however history is not written in stone yet! There are rumors out that President Trump could run for a US House Seat in FL or some other toss up state and if the US House gets enough seats and TRUMP gets elected speaker of the House, he could declare an Impeachment on Biden and then Kamala too and then run for President in 2024. I would say that the only sure way for this to happen is that the US people and nations around the World would pray for the humbleness of the people of the land and repent of any rebellion to the God of the heavens and the earth.

Persecuting of Christians

You would have to be willfully ignorant or deliberately blind to not perceive that the other side will and is certainly persecuting Christians, Jews and are enslaving the America people with more government controls and taxes by eliminating and restricting freedoms we once enjoyed.   The other side makes their laws by humanistic man-made selfish laws apart from a Biblical frame work that cause the people to fear the government instead of the government serving the people which is tyranny.   When social media can fact check all your articles from third party vendors who many are outside the US and know little about the heritage of the US are in control of your free speech , we are in trouble.

The skeptical debater would be hard pressed to argue that the US Constitution is void of Biblical values.   The Democrats would replace the US Constitution with their free-thinking humanistic man solving everything ideologies.   We should have supported President Trump as excerpts from the Celebrate Victory song video encouraged us! We can thank God that we enjoyed at least four years of those Freedoms.

Stand up, Celebrate and sing, your day has finally come!

Your day, of hanging your head in shame, is over, it’s over!

Move those feet, swing and dance!

Time to get up and celebrate the marvelous victory of the Lord!

from Celebrate Victory Song

Introduction – Where did the Market place of Free Speech Go?

How do you write and arrange a song video for a nation that is hemorrhaging from within and on life support with any number of diseases to take it down as an analogy?  With a market place of diminishing free speech, where truth is completely censored on social media and anything that goes against the democrat party is squelched by the news media.    The so-called free press is now a manipulated controlled globalist organization with a radial world agenda set on destroying our Constitutional Democratic Republic! What we witnessed was not a normal election but was a coup takeover.

What really bothers folks about this takeover, is that the agenda is not to continue to make the US a great nation but defies all normal logic and destroy it’s very moral foundations. Who in their right mind for example would halt the Alaska pipe line and make the US dependent on foreign energy? Who would open their boarders without normal vetting and accept anyone, including criminals? Who would encourage business to go offshore? The list of illogical policies are endless.

Celebrate Victory song with a bit of a Spiritual flavor

I share this song with a bit of flavor from the spiritual side with supporting movie clips from the 2020 Independence flight of our President Trump on the way to Mount Rushmore South Dakota for an Independence Day celebration.  I paint a spiritual war analogy between our nation and those that want to take it down. 

The midway point of the song expresses the anguish of war drums beating with relentless attacks and lawsuits against the President and our freedoms. A crosswinds, an avalanche, a hostile takeover of America’s freedoms was now at birth.  It’s at this point when all odds are in favor of defeat, pleading with hope from a merciful God to intervene in His divine mercy and to rescues a nation spiraling out of control! A plea, hoping God hears the cries and prayers of His redeemed Saints before His Throne and acts to protect them. Well it didn’t happen as the narrative of the song goes! Again it seems more like the scenarios of the Avalanche video.

How did King David’s life Begin and End?

King David, probably the greatest Biblical warrior of all times, a man after God’s heart, the sweet psalmist as recorded under the Holy Spirit began his career as a man that defeated the great giant Goliath and towards the end of his life, he narrowly defeated another great giant But needed help from his servant who rescued him.  There was a time when David was temporally dethroned as being the King of Israel when Absalom his son declared himself king instead of his father. He really had no choice but to leave because the nation under his son Absalom created a division in the country.

King David is the one that penned the great Psalm 23 that we will all need some day! Yes, he ran into difficult situations in life and made morally wrong decisions by killing an innocent husband and taking his wife as her his.  He suffered greatly for his consequence of going against God’s truth with family deaths and a coup!  You can read about this in your leisure and he didn’t live a long life but lived to seventy years.   But toward the end of his life he wrote expressions of his plea in 2nd Samuel 22 of his crying out to the God of heavens for deliverance from his enemies. Now the skeptic will immediately say he certainly had a great imagination of God!

But look how God delivered David from his enemies in the next chapter of 2nd Samuel 23 and that “Adino the Eznite, because he had killed eight hundred men at one time!” and then you look at the other great men who gained victories.  Now for one second, eight hundred being killed at one time is not a fate that a man can do.   But we do look at some other verses and you see. “So, the Lord brought about a great victory.” So, these verses describe a supernatural victory for David including God using His angelic forces to engage in a victory for David!

At a Critical Point in the song, a Battle Cry goes out to God

The battle drums were beating and David relying on faith for God’s deliverance!

Remember the battle cries, the pounding beat of the war drums!

While the earth shook and trembled, lighting arrows terrified His enemies!

He rode upon a cherub, was seen upon the wings of the wind.

from Celebrate Victory Song

So where do we go from here?

It’s time we fall to our knees and quit watching the leftist news outlets and ask the Almighty God to grant us a reprieve and an exemption to the continued radical Socialist Marxist takeover!  One can argue that we are ripe for God’s judgment on America and I can’t disagree. 

But for now, perhaps we can begin to recognize that this is a Spiritual battle and ask for God’s mercy and plea for God to act and cause the enemies plan of destroying this great nation to boomerang back to them and to be caught in their own foolish traps!  He has allowed us to celebrate freedom in our country for several centuries with a cost for freedom!

Finally What happens in a Biden Presidency?

These were just a few that come to mind and it was written in 2020 and see how many are true today!  We all knew this as this information was not hidden but was out in the open.   You have no excuse if you voted for the party that supports this. You watched and listened to the leftest news media outlets!

    • US Borders opened and the Wall to be unmaintained and possible torn down! Untold number of undocumented illegals will cross over and immediately the children to be granted more rights than the rights of our US citizen children.  Fee health care, school, and other benefits.
    • Laws will be passed to allow undocumented illegals to be able to vote in elections! Currently illegals can vote in at least state elections in California and New York.  Federal Elections will soon be granted to secure the National Democrat party forever.
    • Shortly thereafter, the financial burden of free benefits to illegals will exasperate US financial security markets. More debt.
    • Within the first 100 days the Equality Act will be attempted to be passed by Biden and congress to ensure that starting at eight years of age, a child can change their sex and accept hormones without parents aware. Churches will be required and will not be exempted from hiring transgenders, and homosexuals.
    • Iran will be rewarded with US tax dollars to develop their nuclear program with missile capability to reach not only Israel, but the USA.
    • China will start taking over pacific countries without any restraint from Biden since he is in bed with the Chinese!
    • USA will not support Israel any longer but divert its support for Palatine.
    • Forced inoculations of vaccines for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus without long term testing.
    • Masks mandated!
    • Moving quickly to a socialism form of government.
    • Tax increase to all US citizens to pay for higher education.
    • California possibly split into two states along with Washington DC, Puerto Rico and others to be a state for Democrats.
    • Stack to Supreme court up to 25 to nullify the conservative edge the Republicans have with the nine judges.

Sometimes you wonder if the news media is willfully blinded or just plain dumb of the consequences of a takeover of a Socialist Marxist government.  No one is born completely free from oppression by groups of people, but at least if one works his or hers best, they can get ahead and move out of their oppressed perceived condition.   In other nations, opportunities are not readily available and you do what the government tells you to do!  But getting a listening ear is hard to get these days especially when the media trains its audience to be politically correct instead of being honest and truthful with the subject matter.