The Great I Am

The Great I Am Song Video?

The Great I Am video envisions tremors and birth pains that ramp up prior to the Seven Year Tribulation, “Beginning of birth pains” Matthew 24: 7-8 and is a snapshot of disaster happening in the Tribulation that the Church is exempt and spared from going through.  See Rapture page for more details. Daniel 9:27 speaks of the Seven-year Tribulation, and 1st Thessalonian 4:13-18 and 1st Corinthians 15:51 – 53-55 speaks of the Rapture. 

In a twinkling of an eye, a onetime event beyond speculation or understanding and incomparable to anything known to mankind, Jesus finally and fully restores believers whose names are written in the book of life to a complete sinless perfect body in flight to a sinless environment!

This marvelous magnificent speechless event is inexpressible in words, and is a miracle that we call the Rapture where Christians make their departure out of this sinful world ruled by the evil prince of the air. This supernatural event is commonly known as the “Rapture” that snatches Christians out of this world to meet the Lord Jesus in the heavens prior to the greatest troubling time ever known to mankind occurs.

Jacob’s Troubles described in Jeremiah 30:7 , (the remaining 7 years of transgressions Daniel 9:27) occurs  shortly after the Rapture and is known as the Seven-Year Tribulation period. 

If you think You can Survive the Seven-Year Tribulation?

If you think you will survive the Seven-Year Tribulation known as the Wrath of God,  or known as the Day of the Lord described in the book of Zechariah 14 and Thessalonians as God’s judgment than guess again. Yes, there are tragic events going on in the world today such as great Fires, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods, Pestilences, and Martyrdom but those events are just a warning and shadow of God’s Wrath to come.

Who can Stand in God Fierce Wrath?

So, you think you can withstand the Tribulation period?   What you see now is nothing that can be compared to what will actually take place in the Tribulation period!

Its quite difficult to put yourself in the shoes of those going through the Tribulation period because you have food on the table, a roof over your head, friends to talk to, places to go and so forth!

But imagine the events taking place whereby a worldwide famine occurs, martyrdom occurs, over half of mankind gone, wars going on, a third of the fresh water gone, stars falling from heaven, a dark place!  It’s practically impossible to put yourself in the shoes of one experiencing God’s Wrath!

From Seal judgment #4 through Trumpet judgment #6 -Over Half Population Dies!

From the Seal judgment #4 through Trumpet judgment #6, or from Revelation 6 to Revelation 9, Over half the population is destroyed!  One quarter in Revelation 6.7-8 and, one third destroyed in 9:13-21 and that’s over fifty percent of the population of the earth gone!

Matthew 24:21

For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be.  This has never occurred yet!

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