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When is a Nation not a Nation?

Should our nation maintain borders & screen aliens before coming into our country?   Should we give voting rights and welfare to illegals over our natural born citizens is insane and goes against human logic.

Our nation’s consciousness can no longer discern between good and evil!  Hebrews 5:14.   America has been fooled by the Media and Hollywood who are stealing your soul while our nation is unraveling before our eyes.  Keep your eyes on the finish line and run the race to the end!  1 Corinthians 9:24.

Does the Bible Support and Approve of Borders?

When we look back at Israel, God had specific borders for them to be a nation.    There are plenty of verses to support this.

A question might be asked, are there borders in the heaven?   Certainly, there are and also there are a defined border for those in hell to keep them there.

Any Borders in Creation?

One might take a step back and look at the Creation of God.  He created boundaries for the sea and for dry earth.  He created structure for all his inhabitants to live.  There are sea creatures and dry land creatures to live!

One might ask, is there anything wrong with people coming into this nation?    No if they come in legally! Otherwise church organizations can support groups outside of the US.

Should a nation allow people to come disorderly into a nation that exhibit contempt and knock down fences to cross borders, fighting their way across with possible diseases and plagues? 

Apparently, there are some Christians that support illegal entry, but I ask, what kind of people would obey our US laws when they can’t even obey the US immigration laws?  How would you feel if a new infectious plague would lead to innocent deaths of your family?   Would you flood the US with illegals who exhibit criminal conduct?  Has the American population been so dumb down by the media that we even have to ask these simple questions?

Do Borders Fences help?

Do borders fences help?  Look on the internet to see what Israel says.  They can control terrorist coming into their country.   There are plenty of example to show that border walls help.

It is interesting to note that many politicians who do not support a barrier have walls securing their homes and businesses from people coming onto their land.

Look at the cost associated with a wall and the cost of not having a wall and paying for all those illegals with mandated tax payer money!

Is Socialism in the Bible?

Socialism is not in the Bible!  Those Christians in the book of Acts gave voluntarily and were not forced to give as Socialism would force you to give!   What’s that called?   It’s called stealing!

Our conscience should be on full red alert to the methods our culture uses to dumb down our hearts by stealing your soul!

They want you to think like they do, to support humanistic government laws above God’s Laws, to imposed rights to everyone by mandating “everyone is right in their own eyes!”  To enforce radial so called freedom with No moral absolutes!

What are the Global Elites attempting to do?

In addition, the global elites are attempting to crush America by declaring that “a no borders policy” is great for America and want to give rights to illegals over our natural born citizens so they can stay in power!

Those in power want to steal what you have earned and redistribute to whom they think best. Just look at the news to confirm this.

Has the Church Failed?

The Church in part has failed its mandate to seek that which is lost with the Gospel of Jesus and assist the poor while depending on God to assist those in need. 

Instead the Church in part has morally decayed to a level of our culture and has limited moral influence.   It should not be the government redistributing wealth to whom they seem fit by force, which is called Socialism

Has Socialism ever worked?

Socialism has never worked in any country, ever!  No! Socialism will take away creativity and provide little incentive to make things better.  Our nation benefits by new technical discoveries.

Socialism is not in the Bible!  Again those Christians in the book of Acts gave voluntarily and were not forced to give as Socialism would force you to give. 

By the way Socialism would mandate all to accept the same pay except of course those rich in power!  Our state is passing a $15-dollar minimum wage.  Why not just pass a $30-dollar minimum wage and then there is no need to get a college education?

Anyways, industries are hoping to robot their service industries and few will eventually get that “no education” $15 dollar an hour job.

I don’t know about you but I’ve worked hard for what I got and spent long hours getting an education.  No one gave me anything on a golden plate.

Socialism on the other hand allows the government to legally take your earnings and possessions away from you even though you worked sweat and tears to get it! 

The recipient of course thinks it’s free and no one really labored for it.   “Rebellion toward God” can literally be substituted with the words “freedom to be lawless.”

Some of you may say, look it doesn’t matter, we are in the last days and can do nothing.  You do nothing and they’ll take it away from you!  That is stealing in greed!