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In a confused and dying world where most churches are phasing out discussions about End Times, where the culture is pushing a social agenda to make alive a dying world is ludicrous!

Understanding End times with Israel, God’s chosen people as the forefront in prophesy makes the most sense.  We invite you to take a new look and review topics in the menu under Prophecy for insights you never knew existed.   For those that are here for the first time with no knowledge of prophecy, it may be intimidating at first?  Just take your time and go through this slowly.  If you want to have hope and know everything will turn out right, then you are in the right spot!  It’s better to know than to not know or be ignorant. 


This may come as a surprise to first time readers or those unacquainted with the Bible, But All End Time World events center around the Nation Israel!  Let me say that again in another way.   Israel is in the news everyday and God in His sovereign plan made Israel the Time Clock of End Time World Events!   Without Israel as a Restored Nation, there are no End Time Events!  As you read these articles on this website, keep that in mind.

Refer to the figure above, can you deny that the first two prophecies have already taken place?  Namely the Hour hand of Israel becoming a nation again and the Minute hand where Jerusalem has become the complete ownership and control of Israel?  So now we are waiting for the Second hand, the rebuilding of the Temple.  It just shows you how close we are to End Time events, where we are waiting for the Second hand prophecies to be fulfilled! Many of the topics are discussed here as a central hub.

There are those that attempt to look at prophecy as those promoting conspiracy theories.  I suppose Noah would have been one too. But suppose the Creator of the Heavens and Earth did give His creation a look into the future?   It may be worth your time to investigate it.

Israel, the World Prophetic Time Clock

Many, perhaps in the Western World might think that the USA is the central figure in end time eschatology but there is hardly a glimpse of the USA if any in the Bible.

Three Main Events related to End Time World Prophecy

1) The Hour hand represents the Nation Israel and all their Twelve Tribes and ownership of the land in Israel.  The Flag of Israel is their symbol to represent their nation.  You may want to start your adventure just reviewing Rebirth of Israel to get a basic understanding first before you dive elsewhere in prophecy. 

2) The Minute hand represents the Eternal City of Jerusalem where Israel gained political control in the Six-Day War of 1967.  And fifty years passed, since the Six-Day War, and in the Jubilee Year of fifty years, December 6, 2017, Israel now has full occupancy and is now the Capital of Israel.  US President Trump announces recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

3) The Second hand represents the Temple, (Temple has to be in place for the midway point of the Tribulation  Matthew 24:15 and plans are in the process to rebuilt the 3rd Temple, See Temple Institute to offer sacrifices and is significant since the Jews are expecting their future Messiah or a military leader to save them from their enemies.  See Jews Blinded for what they expect in their Messiah.  You will be totally surprised!

Material Presented

One might wonder how this information on End Times was put together.   First and foremost is to study your Bible!  Read an entire book through and not just pick a scripture here and there.  I can assure you that I didn’t just one day throw it all together and hope it make sense.  I spent years studying End Time material and because the Lord gave me a technical mind to develop a website and talent to technically write and ability to craft music, I slowly put it all together in a musical fashion to enhance some experiences of End Time events.  I believe the Lord uses a person for a time and then that person is replaced by someone else.  Let us use God’s given talents for His Glory!

I present arguments on how to understand Mathew 24 where many Christian have been indoctrinated into a church interpretation instead of a Jewish point of view.   Meaning that the chapter is Not speaking of the Church!  I discuss the difference between God’s Wrath and Persecution.  I point out various arguments why the Rapture is dismissed in our present age.  I present the conditions of when we can certainly know without a doubt when the Seven-Year-Tribulation starts!  Why there has to be a Seven-Year-Tribulation. Will Christians be here for the Ezekiel 38 war?  Will the Jews eventually turn to Christ?  And much, much more…. I try to stay away from speculation on who is the Anti-Christ.  It’s anyone’s guess.

Before Downplaying Material

Before one considers to downplay the material presented here, I might add that I reviewed teachings from all the major religions such as the Catholic church, Lutheran, Baptist, Pentecostal, and Covenant, with their view points on Pre-Tribulation, Post Tribulation, Mid Tribulation, Pre-Wrath, Covenant Teachings, Replacement theology, (Where Israel is replaced by the Church), Reformed Teachings such as Calvin, Preterist teaching where history of Israel has been already fulfilled, Amillennialism where there is no 1000 year reign of Christ on this earth.  And much, much more….

So, I’ve been around the block as the saying goes but really don’t trust my words but do your own research too.   Use the literal Bible as your source and interpret scripture literally unless its presented in a figurative form.  And please don’t start in the book of Revelation to determine your eschatological views because you can’t define the Seven-Year Tribulation there but can in the Book of Daniel!  And for those that just have to have an opinion, please don’t just read a book or pass it on to me or even a couple of videos and think that will be a mark against me.  Read the whole content not just pick a verse here and there out of content.

Again, I say do your own Biblical research instead of passing current books around!  Instead be motivated to do your own research and establish your beliefs by spending considerable amount of time gathering and prayerfully researching!

Social media today presents a model whereby anyone can cough up an emotional opinion or plea off the cuff without any research and common sense.

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