Jews Blinded

What Jews are being taught about their Returning Messiah?

A peek into a Rabbi’s mind defining their Messiah!

You will be 100% surprised and wonder how could they be 100% wrong!

Topics discussed here

1. Alarming discovery on how Jews think?

2. Compelling video showing how Jews think differently than Gentles concerning the Messiah.

3. Jewish Rabbis defines Messiah conditions to his students!

4. Why the Jews Rejected Christ?  You will be surprised!

5. Jews looking at wrong scripture and looking for a military political king!

6. Jews looking to offer daily sacrifices!

7. Israel needs the Gospel!

8. Why are the Jews as a whole blinded?

9. How does your Bible define the Messiah?

10. Have Jews changed today?

11. Back to the Jewish Rabbis

12. Jesus moves away from the Jews

13. Jews today are Secular

Alarming discovery how Jews think

Many Christians are not aware how Jews think about their returning Messiah in the 21st century?

Yes we know the Jews rejected Christ back 2,000 years ago, but have they changed?

Here is an example of a Jewish Rabbis in real life teaching Jewish students the conditions for the return of their Messiah or shall we call it the Entrance of the Anti-Christ onto the world scene.

This might shock Christians by what is being taught today by a Jewish Rabbis and what they think of their coming Messiah?  

Watch this short compelling Rabbis Video

Watch this convincing short video of a Jewish Rabbis speaking about the return of their Messiah. Then watch “Thief in the Night” where Jesus will come to them at the end of the Seven Year Tribulation. The “Take you home” vocal is stating that Christ will take the Jews home into the 1000 year Millennial reign of Christ. I’m on the record for saying I am not anti-Semitic or against the Jews!

However, this Rabbis is teaching that their Messiah will be a military and a political leader.  

There is no talk about repenting as Christians do for their sins by accepting Jesus as a personal Savior and Lord, nothing of the sort!  No talk about needing the mercies of God because of the fallen sinful nature of mankind, nothing of the sort!

Jewish Rabbis Defines the Messiah conditions to his students

This is something you just can’t make up!  How are Jewish students taught that defines their Messiah according to the 12th century commentator Rambam?

This will surprise many, at least 99% of you out there! Again watch the video and listen very closely!

1) “… to anoint a political military leader whose is anointed king of Israel.”  

2) The Jews are NOT looking for a spiritual leader but looking for a political military leader and that they will get for sure!

You scratch your head and think, what, what about all those animal sacrifices and what did they mean for the Jews?

Why the Jews Rejected Christ

Remember, the Jews rejected Christ and thought he was a fraud because they weren’t looking for a Messiah who is despised and rejected Isaiah 53:3!

Jews looking at wrong scripture and looking for a Military Political King

The Jews are looking for One to reclaim Israel and save Judah and to dwell safely Jeremiah 23:5-6!

Jews looking to offer sacrifices continually

The Jews are looking to offer sacrifices continually for their Messiah sitting on the Thone Jeremiah 33:17!

Israel Needs the Gospel

Again, as you read further on, you will discover that there is no mention of “repentance of sin”, nor even a hint of submitting to the God from heaven to deliver them!   Everything is done in self righteousness apart from God’s Righteousness as Romans 10:1-4 indicates:

There’s more and that’s just the beginning.  See approximately 020 in the recording video Romans 10:1-4.

Why are the Jews as a whole blinded?

Because of their hard heart, God has blinded them Romans 11 :7-10!

How does your Bible define the Messiah?

In John 3:16, our Bibles define Jesus as the Savior of the World, the Messiah as the Savior who died for the World but the Jews seem to exclude the World and think their future Messiah will only save them!

The Jewish definition of their Messiah is certainly nothing like anyone in the western world would think!   Simply, our definition would be that Jesus died for the sins of the world and those who believe are saved from the wrath of God!

Have the Jews changed over the years?

The Jews TODAY are looking for their Messiah but not the way we may think?  Does anyone have ears for this?

Fast forward to Matthew 24 where Jesus is speaking of the crises at the Midway point of the 7 year Tribulation period, of the Jews, again I say Jesus is speaking about the Jews and not the church because the church was not in existence at that time of Matthew 24.

Jesus is speaking of the New 3rd Temple, the Rebuilt Temple, the new one where the abomination of desolation, perhaps a swine or an abomination such as the Anti-Christ will be offered on their 3rd Temple that occurs in Mathew 24!

We know that the 2nd Temple in Jesus days was destroyed in 70 AD and the teachings Jesus spoke about never fully happened fully yet!

It’s scary to know that this is exactly the mindset of the Jews today and how they think!  But the western churches as a whole today haven’t a clue on End Time prophesy and most over 70% don’t teach anything of end times.

Back to the Jewish Rabbis

This teacher in the video, Baruch Gordon of Beit El Institution teaches a check list of seven from 12th century commentator Rambam that their Messiah will be in the lineage of King David! ok… He will be a political military leader, ok … and the biggest thing among his list of seven that struck me as odd is that He the Messiah will build their Temple in Jerusalem!  Yes that is TRUE!!!

The Jews just can’t get away from building a temple and initiating animal sacrifices for their sins by thinking this will please God!

The Jews are blinded and want to re-instate ancient animal sacrifices, to again offer up oceans of sacrificial animal blood sacrifices, whose main purpose was to point to Jesus, the Messiah in the New Testament.

Only His perfect Holiness being of God’s nature, could die for man’s sin and rebellion toward God as Jesus being the FINAL sacrifice for man’s salavaton!

For the Messiah Jesus as God to pay man’s debt for sin by God incarnating Himself into the man, who would be the ultimate sacrifice for mankind’s sins!

A remnant of Jews today who are waiting for their Messiah have a precondition mind of who Jesus was and think like a religious Pharisee or Scribe.

The Jews today have a mindset that believe Jesus was found guilty of blaspheming God, as a matter of fact the Religious Jews, Pharisees of old accused Jesus to be the ruler of Beelzebub ruler of demons Matthew 12:24!

Jesus was then tried and found guilty and sentenced to death and it closes the books on Jesus!   He was an imposter as the Jewish people today think because Jesus claimed to be God!

And what did Jesus say to them, I give my life over to death!   That is my purpose of coming to this earth.  

So, the Jews miss the whole point here!   They are found rejecting the one that came to save them eternally from Hell!

Jesus moves away from the Jews

It is very interesting while reading the book of Mathew and witnessing Jesus moving away from the Jews starting in chapter 11 and speaking about the Gentiles when Jesus declares Woes to the Impenitent Cities!

I used to look at passages later on in Mathew wondering why Jesus purposely, it seems was recalling Old Testament Scripture referencing the blindness of the Jews and quoting verses from Isaiah describing the blindness and mute ears of His preaching to the Jews!

But look at what Jesus is doing!   There are three towns, Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum.

Speaking to Chorazin, & Bethsaida:  Look at the mighty works which were done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes.

And Capernaum, will be brought down to Hades; for if the mighty works which were done in you had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day.

So, Jesus is moving away from the Jews because they just won’t believe as a whole John 12:18,21!

Jews Today as a whole are Anti-Religious and extremely secular!  

The religious or orthodox Jews, a minority today hope to gain more votes in the new political parties to get a majority of Jews claiming Jewish sovereign over the Temple Mount and igniting conditions to build the Third Temple.

Obviously, the Jews just can’t march in on the Temple Mount and start building the 3rd Temple.  They have to get a consensus legally declaring this event of ownership!

When this attempt is successful, then a politician arises, a military person who makes way for a peace treaty to build the 3rd Temple on the Temple Mount of Olives!

Again, most churches in the west are going through an immorality crisis and redefining themselves according to the culture and have no discernment to assess end time scenarios and say only Jesus will just come back and that’s it.

And man, the Jews will be so surprise during the mid-tribulation period as spoken by Daniel 9:27 when they find out they were worshiping or admiring the Anti-Christ!

One week (7) is Seven years!   The tribulation period starts when their political military leader (Anti-Christ) signs a peace treaty at the beginning of the 1st year of the Tribulation!

The Jews will start their sacrifices and be smiling from cheek to cheek!

Three & a half years into the Tribulation period, the midway point is where the Anti-Christ breaks the peace contract and offers up a pig or some abominable sacrifice on the altar!  Oh my!

Jesus instructions to those in the tribulation period is to flee to the mountains away from Jerusalem Mathew 24:15-16!

Pass it on for other Christians in the body to enjoy! 

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