Touch the sky

A song for those that would be humble and repent!

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When you’re blocked in and have nowhere to go!   Reach for Jesus in the heavens and He will come to your rescue!  Romans 1:18-20.

God has incredibly set up His Presence everywhere in the world for all at any time to see His greatness & glory!  The heavens declare His glory Psalm 19! 

The Lord is on sky TV each day and night and all one has to do is look up! 

There is no excuse for man to deny the existence, the greatness and power of God!  

Why is there an emphasis on sin in this song? 

Actually people know they are sinners but think since everyone sins they are ok.   Some call their sins mistakes and try to diminish sin!

However, the reason sin is brought up is that many do not think there are consequences for sin!

And sin has a way of deadening the conscience and if not dealt with by confessing to God, the fallen nature is capable of progressing into animal like foolishness and reasoning thus capable of doing any heinous unimaginable act to mankind. 

A disease above all diseases is man’s fallen nature inherited from Adam, a nature bent on evil with desires to have no boundaries and total freedom to do whatever they imagine and are unaware that their actions could hurt others.

If sin is un-confessed and left alone, and that can be anything from additions, habits .etc. one will die in their sins and pay for them eternally in the lake of fire says Jesus.

Get eternity set right in your heart today!  Don’t wait another day!  Hebrews 9:27 & 2 Corinthians 6:2

All my songs have a biblical message and a variety of beats and rhythms so that each song is different and one cannot easy match my style to another artist!    Again no two songs are alike! 

Share the good news and reap eternal rewards in heaven!   2 Corinthians 5:10  &  1 Corinthians 15:58