Wish upon a Falling Star

When a nation, the “Falling Star America” is about to fall unto the brink of chaos and at least half the nation, it appears doesn’t have a clue as to what’s happening! A complete and total censoring of Truth is happening! And since only six percent of Americans read their Bibles daily per latest poll, it’s no wonder America as a whole doesn’t have a Biblical perspective of God’s truths. They most certainly have a perspective of their own viewpoints on how things ought to be like.

The American Nation as we once knew it is about to be a nation of doom. It doesn’t have to be but our great nation is on life support and it’s anyone’s guess if it can be resuscitated. I hope it can but many so called lip service Christians are really in the dark as to what could happen to America and is happening. A total moral failure to know what is Truth!