Cross in hands of believer!

Here is one New Year’s Resolution you haven’t heard of!

The list is usually something along these lines, weight loss, disciplining self in various ways like spending less and saving more. The list is usually something of self improvement.

But have you thought about “Crowns“? You say, what’s that? My preachers never mentioned anything about that!

Since you will spend all your time in eternity, shouldn’t you examine the Five Crowns below and see which crowns you might be able to achieve thru the Holy Spirit?

Crowns Summarized

For example there is an Incorruptible Crown for those that master their sinful nature!

Another is the Crown of Rejoicing, named the soul winner’s crown where there is a willingness to speak to the lost and lead them to salvation that are precious in the sight of Jesus returning.

There’s the Crown of Life for those that endure trials!

And the Crown of Glory for ministers who faithfully feed the flock of God. 

And finally the Crown of Righteousness for those who look forward to the day when He will return for His saints.

What Crowns will you have to give back to Jesus at the judgement seat of Christ?