Ezekiel 38 War

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Simulated Ezekiel 38 War – Gog and Allies invade Israel!

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Will Christians Witness the Ezekiel 38 War – Gog and Allies Invade Israel?

Back in 2019 , I created some music and was wondering what to do with it! And with all the hoopla and numerous end time prophecies centering around Ezekiel 38, I decided to create a snapshot of the Ezekiel 38 based on True Biblical passages and to include actual but simulated war scenes with full drama and excitement, that included wildly strung slapping violins sensationalizing the spiritual and physical combatant of evil and good, with pounding war drums ,and bass, and Choir escalating as war combating scenes intensifies in zealousness and full vibrancy!  This future Ezekiel 38 War video scene is only a simulation of what will occur as described in Ezekiel 38! Put some headphones on, experience, feel and taste two-minute of war scenes as one of the busiest wars to perhaps occur at a single time in human history!   Imagine not just many nations but all surrounding nations will attack Israel and against all odds, Israel is crippled but something spectacular materializes and the players are forced to encounter the unexpected.

Let’s get started

Could the question also be stated, will Christians witness the Ezekiel 38 war before the Rapture, or will it take place during the Seven-Year-Tribulation? Christians are on both sides of this debate.  If you thought the Six-Day 1967 Arab–Israeli War was something to write home to mommy about, where Israel defeated their enemies in six days, then you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Even comparing the Ezekiel 38 war to the Isaiah 17:1 War, where Damascus will no longer be a city is pale in comparison to this giant, humongous War scheduled on God’s future prophetic timeline where not a single nation is able to come to the aid and rescue the Nation Israel!

There are those that believe that the Isaiah 17 war will even take place before the Ezekiel 38 war because Damascus was never totally destroyed. There may be a scenario where Israel is pushed against the wall with no one to support them including the USA and perhaps Israel attempts to put the missile charade by Hamas to a halt with fear? Or Israel kills a senior Hamas? It could be any number of situations that causes Ezekiel 38 War.

Incidentally, major troops of the nations are in place for the Ezekiel 38 war. Russia, Iran, and Turkey are there holding their positions, but during the Trump’s presidency, the US left the area.

Summery of Ezekiel 38 War

The simulated Ezekiel 38 War would be of no value unless God’s Word, Scripture is included in the scenes! This is not a made up war of imagination, it will happen as God declares and He gives reasons why in the scriptures copied exactly from the Bible! It is quite fascinating that God pulls these nations into battle with Israel by injecting hooks into their jaws to judge them!

Fourteen Possible reasons Why the US Won’t Support Israel?

Why the USA will not help Israel?  Here are some possible scenarios:

      1. The Rapture of the Church occurs. Christians known in the Church age are resurrected and removed from the coming Tribulation – No US Super power status – 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17,
      2. The US continues on its moral decline where churches become aligned with the culture and socialism becomes the political and economical engine, and lawlessness rules, (ripe for the judgment of God) No US Super power status,
      3. The US becomes a lessor power as the US merges with Mexico and Canada – open boarders is the trend,
      4. Anti-Semitic leaders govern the US – God removes His blessing on the US,
      5. Financial collapse on debt- Banks default, and currency is hyper-inflated. Social programs hitting all time high, enormous debt to sponsor a middle east military,
      6. The USA relinquishes power to United Nations,
      7. Military takeover of US – use your imagination,
      8. Possible Israeli invasion on Damascus Syria in fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1 “… Damascus will cease to be a city…” and perhaps because Israel is threatened by chemical attack, they completely destroy Damascus and internationally no one really want to come to their aid.
      9. US will not interfere or have the will to interfere in a Russian led collation that invades the Golan Heights since the global world community believes it should go back to Syria and was not rightfully Israel’s after the six-day war.  The Golan Heights has enormous oil reserves discovered recently!
      10. Israel driven to a weak position whereby Benjamin Netanyahu & President Trump are no longer the strongmen leadership protecting Israel.
      11. The Iraqi parliament or other foreign recipients of US military support will relinquish any further need for aid and push the US out of the middle east. However, don’t underestimate the US military capability since they have an excuse to accomplish their mission and destroy Iran’s Nuclear threat by going after their facilities.
      12. Perhaps the USA will suffer some casualties and with the pressure of the American people much like in the Vietnam war era, give an ultimatum or else no support for the President.
      13. Ezekiel 38 doesn’t infer that a western power such as the US will support Israel in this war.
      14. Because of the Pandemic and it’s traces back to Wuhan labs, US moves out of Middle East and moves additional forces into the Pacific rim to deter China’s expansion and pay them back for destroying US economy.  Not likely now since Biden is in Cahoots with China!

Since the US won’t support Israel in the Ezekiel War, then who will come to their aid? It will certainly be God who will take the credit for the supernatural victory!    It was reported recently that there was at least 56 reportedly killed in stampede at Soleimani funeral. What’s it going to look like in the confusion when God ends the War? 

Remember, this is God’s War! He starts it and ends it! This is a war to magnify God’s greatness and to show nations that God will be glorified and that Israel is His people! 

Who’s in Syria today?   Will the US help Israel in the Ezekiel 38 War?

Nations Involved in the Ezekiel 38 War.

Look who’s in Syria today and the players that currently occupying the area: Russia (ROSH), Central Asia (MAGOG), Turkey (MESHECH, TUBA), Libya (PUT), Sudan (CUSH) and Iran, (PERSIA) that are allies with Russia.   And guess what? The US will not support Israel as it appears from this prophesy, except perhaps as some scholars indicate that the US might be referenced in verse 13 as the young lions Ezekiel 38:13.

The war will take place for sure as God lures a confederacy of nations, (in His timing) by the jaw into the land of Israel so that God can defeat those nations and provide victory for Israel, Ezekiel 38:4.

God Starts the war

God starts the war by putting hooks into the jaws and drawing them into Israel Ezekiel 38:4-6!

God Ends the war

God ends the war by causing everyone’s sword to go against each other Ezekiel 38:21-23! 

When will the Ezekiel 38 War start?

The question is, could the Ezekiel 38 war occur before the Church Rapture or during the Seven-Year-Tribulation?   Remember, a Peace Treaty must be confirmed by the Anti-Christ and Israel for the Seven years to officially start the Tribulation period, Daniel 9:27.  There has been no Official Seven-Year agreement yet! If we ignored Old Testament scripture we wouldn’t know this when the Tribulation begins.  This is a Basic 101 Essential Truth Christians need to know! Scripture is very clear on this. See when the Seven-Year-Tribulation begins!

Here are reasons why the Ezekiel 38 War will not start at the End of the Millennial reign of Christ.

Ezekiel 38 War Characteristics

    1. God puts hooks into Gog & Magog collation to lead them against Israel!
    2. Every man’s sword will be against his brotherGreat confusion
    3. God will rain down on him, on his troops, and on the many peoples who are with him, flooding raingreat hailstones, fire, and brimstone.
    4. God will exalt Himself among many nations and not completely destroy them!

Revelation 20 War Characteristics

    1. Satan starts the war, not God!  Satan personally deceives and leads the Nations and Gog & Magog. The Anti-Christ is not even considered to start this war because the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet have already been thrown into hell at end of Seven-Year -Tribulation or before the One thousand Millennial reign of Christ.
    2. God Ends the war by sending Only a Single Blast of fire from heaven (no flooding rain and great hailstone) Not really a battle!

Personally, I would not desire to witness the Ezekiel war because scripture is clear that the US will not support Israel in this war and that literally means we’ll most likely have anti-Israeli leadership governing the US and Christians will certainly experience more persecution, more than ever in its history. The above was written a long time ago as many Bible expositors have agreed for many years that USA would not support Israel! We now have the most hostile administration on record toward Israel since Israel became a nation in 1948.

Yes we know that God will put hooks into the nations to go to war with Israel, but what might the motivation for the nations to attack Israel? One could speculate that Israel feels threatened by recently witnessing the precise cruise missal attacks from Iran on Saudi Arabia oil fields and their technology has been perfected to deliver atomic warheads to Israel is imminent!

So Israel take action under an outgoing republican president and destroys the uranium weapon sites and also does collateral damage including killing people. This news spreads around the world and the nations gather in union to attack Israel with no support from the USA. In any event, there will be a scenario where the USA is not involved.

Why Build a 3rd Temple?

The Temple institute in Jerusalem Templeinstitute.org establish in 1987 has a goal to establish the 3rd Temple for the Jews. Many items for animal sacrifices are already underway. Don’t take my word, do yourself a favor and look it up!   Remember the Jews rejected Christ as their Messiah and are still looking for a Messiah that will be king and overthrow their enemies. With Israel restored back into the land in 1948, there are now new ambitions and enormous amount of prophesy still to be fulfilled.    I might add that there are Christians who say all or most of the prophesies have already been fulfilled, or don’t take scripture literally or ignore that Israel in the land presently is the key to the fulfillment of Christ 2nd Coming prophesy to save the Jews from the Gentiles when Jesus touches down on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem Zechariah 14:4.

What is the Rapture?

The Rapture on the other hand is Christ coming in the sky, invisible to the unsaved on the earth to rescue the Church from God’s Wrath prior to the Great Tribulation.   Click for more discussion on the Rapture.  Certain groups love to ridicule this truth and call it a secret Rapture, but let me remind you that there were mockers in Noah’s days too and realized the judgment they encountered.

Is there a Difference between God’s Wrath and Persecution?

Many are confused and think God’s Wrath and Persecution are the same thing and say why shouldn’t the church go through the Tribulation and be spared from persecution?  They say throughout the church age there’s been persecution.   However, God’s Wrath comes from God and persecution comes from Satan or man empowered by Satan or expressed by man’s sinful nature.

For more on God’s Wrath and for those who think with a humanistic mindset, that they can make it through the Great Tribulation when over one half of mankind is destroyed from seal judgment #4 through Trumpet Judgment #6!  Certainly, there will be people saved but at a price!  See Can You Survive the Seven-Year-Tribulation.

Who Opens the First Seal In the book of Revelation to Start the Tribulation?

Do you know who opens the First Seal judgment that begins the Seven-Year-Tribulation where God Wrath begins?  Revelation 6:1 clearly states that Jesus Christ, not Satan, nor an angel, nor man opens the First of Seven Seal Judgments.  It’s surprising to me to think that some gesture that God Wrath doesn’t start until Sixth Seal!   Because the Wrath of the Lamb isn’t mentioned until the Sixth Seal so the critic says.

These Seal Judgments aren’t happening by themselves but God is orchestrating World Events and decreeing them to occur at their prescribed times as judgments.  There will be suffering in the 1st half of the Tribulation as a casual observer can recognize. The Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets, and the Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath chart summarizes the Judgments in the book of Revelation.

Should we Ignore the Old Testament and Just read the New Testament?

There are those that ignore Old Testament Scriptures and say we should be looking entirely at the New Testament and that the Old Testament is only for the Jews.   Did you know that much of the New Testament has its foundations in the Old Testament?   I then ask why does Jesus or Paul or other Spirit inspired authors quote scripture from the Old Testament and say it’s a fulfillment of a Prophet or Moses?   When you read the New Testament, start to observe how many times Jesus, and Paul and the rest of the Spirit filled inspired writers pull direct quotes from the Old Testament and insert into the New Testament.

What Might be the Outcome of the Ezekiel 38 War?

There is speculation that the Ezekiel war must take place to neutralize the area so the 3rd Temple can be built near or at the “Doom of the Rock” which is an Islamic shrine located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem which currently is not controlled by the Jews. See how Israel gets Restored Spiritually. However with the recent Abraham Accords peace moment taking place, there seems to be encouragements from the Arabs desiring the Jews to build their 3rd Temple since Saudis say the Temple Mount and Al Aqsa is not important to Islam. Don’t kid yourself, there’s some money involved in this, some technology given for peace. But remember, the Arabs are not necessary involved in the Ezekiel 38 war either as they sit on the sidelines.

How does a Smooth Political Military Leader Arise to Solve Israel’s Problems?

A smooth political military leader who is influential and charismatic will come upon the scene who will be the Anti-Christ that will confirm a Peace Treaty with Israel for Seven Years and make way for the building of the 3rd Temple so sacrifices can be re-instituted.  No not the Raiders of the Lost Ark 😊!   For this to happen, there has to be a deceptive peace treaty confirmed at the start of the Seven-Year-Tribulation period, by the Anti-Christ and accepted by Israel and peace will only last for 3 ½ years according to Daniel 9:27.  See “What Jews desire in their Messiah” that will surprise most readers!  The Jews and Christians have a completely opposite view of their Messiah!

Who controls the Temple in the 1st & 2nd Half of 7 Yr. Tribulation?

The Jews will control the 3rd Temple for the 1st half of the Tribulation period and the Gentiles control the Temple for the 2nd half of the Tribulation period, Rev. 11:1-3.   The Anti-Christ breaks the covenant at the midway point of the Tribulation as Jesus talks about it in Matthew 24:15 the “abomination of desolation” where a possible offensive swine may be offered on the Altar. See how God restarts the time clock for Israel to begin the Seven-Year-Tribulation.

Who will be Totally Surprised?  Is it the Church or Israel? 

Who is is Mathew 24:15-16 speaking about?  Do you see the Church mentioned?   Certainly not since the Church wasn’t created yet?  It’s speaking of the Jews of Israel and they will be so surprised because they had faith in an Anti-Christ as their Messiah!  But God rich in His mercy tells the remnant to flee to the mountains where some eschatology expositors think this is in Petra of Jordan!

Concluding remarks!

Making a case for the Ezekiel 38 war to occur before the Rapture of the Church, could indeed diminish the teachings of the imminent return of Christ, (at any moment) for His Bride and make a condition that additional prophesy needs to be fulfilled. Again, for Christ to appear in the sky known as the Rapture which could occur at any moment may not be true if we have to wait for the Ezekiel 38 war to be fulfilled first – 1 Corinthians 15:50-54.

Take away!

An important take away is, if we see these things beginning to line uphow much sooner can our redemption be?   Understand that after the Rapture occurs, the Tribulation does not have to immediately follow?  There could be a time laps of months or maybe years before the Tribulation begins.  Those remaining and not Raptured, will be indoctrinated into a One World Order system (destined for hell) or martyred if rejecting the Anti-Christ by accepting Christ in the Tribulation Rev. 7:9-14 .

Not Everyone on the Same Page!

Certainly not everyone reading this is on the same page and agrees.  Many haven’t a clue why there’s a Seven-Year Tribulation period, and overlook Old Testament Scriptures, but immediately go to the book of Revelation and spout off as self-acclaimed experts without knowing the full scriptures as to why there’s required a further Seven-Year judgement yet to be fulfilled for Israel.  The single most important discovery of why there is a forthcoming Tribulation is to be discovered in the Sabbatical Year.   This is God’s blueprint to knowing why there has to be a Seven-Year-Tribulation.   Most will ignore this topic for anther day and will jump to Revelation and give erroneous predictions!

You Just Won’t Hear this in a Sunday Sermon!

Generally you won’t hear this in a Sunday Sermon or at Christian Conferences unless it’s Eschatology related because churches tend to stay away from controversial topics since they don’t want to offend anyone and diminish the revenue stream. Pass it on for other Christians in the body to enjoy! 


Here are some questions you might have wondered that I included as supplemental from the on start outside of this page. Have you ever wondered Why Israel was Restored as a Nation? There is a reason! The next truth is to discover what the Jews are really looking for in a Messiah from a Rabbi’s in a classroom setting.  Will Israel continue this way battling the nations indefinitely or will Israel will be restored spiritually as they are currently a secular nation?

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