Sabbatical Year

Discovering God’s Blueprint

Where did the 70 week or 490 yr. 7 Yr. Tribulation Prophecy come from?

Sabbatical Year Rest

If you understand this, then you’re on your way to unlocking the greatest mystery of End Time Prophecy and understanding where the Seven-Year-Tribulation comes from and how Jesus Christ the Messiah comes to defeat Anti-Christ and save a remnant of Israel.   You won’t get the Seven-Year-Tribulation from the book of Revelation.

God’s Ingenious Masterpiece of Prophecy, a Mystery that Fits a Perfect Puzzle!

It’s almost like God is displaying a prophetic time line on a banner hanging from a tail end of a plane flying from city to city for those who have a desire to see and know His revelation!   The heavens are declaring His glory and man is busy on their way with the things of earth!

How is it that most of us will go through life and miss opportunities of a lifetime and not even know it! If you knew of a great discovery and kept it secret, wouldn’t you miss out on the joy of others knowing that great discovery!   If you stumble upon something of great value, wouldn’t you want others to know about it too?

We’re living in a day an age where technology takes up most of our time and God is tuned out!  If only man could grasp the heart of God, knowing that He has a desire for man to discovers the mystery of Himself!   God is displaying His greatness and wonders by plotting out a time table for the human race to know but man in his foolishness is busy with other things and pride closes the door of knowledge.   Doesn’t Proverbs 8:1 say, Wisdom is crying out in the streets for man?

It’s so disgraceful that the majority of churches today have no thoughts of God, let alone obedience to Him as they proclaim lip service to God without a heart for Him!  Engulfed in man-centered traditions and religiosity, the religious leaders dumb down their congregation by trying to make them spiritual in a man centered morality but at the same time they left their first love!

Nevertheless, only a few will read these words and discover God’s blueprint and time table for the summation of humankind! Others, well their attitudes are reeked with dismay and unbelief, saying how can God care about mankind?  Look at all the wars and suffering and pain and if God cared, He wouldn’t allow all this to happen! And so the unfaithful, the unbelieving set themselves apart from God and live as though God does not exist.  Their lives eventually end  and they think they’ll disappear like a vapor or mist into the air.

And so we bring you to an unlikely scenario, hidden and a mystery almost like the Gospel of Jesus, that Israel is at the center of God’s plan for mankind! Believe it or not, God’s blueprint hinges on the Nation Israel!  Without Israel, there is no time table for future events…. None!

But God being gracious, used man under the Holy Spirit to write out the mysteries of end time events in the Bible! They will be debated and ridiculed but God will not be mocked.  He gave us His time table, if you understand it, then you are wise, if you deny that God has ingeniously proclaimed His revelation of Himself and end time events than you’ll die as a fool!

It’s a temptation to first go to Daniel 9:27 and see what’s it’s speaking about concerning the future fulfillment of the Seven-Year-Tribulation.   Go there if you like but need to come back here to get a general or a basic understanding of what’s going on in God’s prophetic time line.

The best way to get these truths mastered is to first get a bird’s eye view with some basic topics and then provide a more detail synopsis for those needing more comprehensive view. It really depends on you if you want a general or a more detail synopsis of Daniel chapter 9.

Picture #1:  Israel is God’s Sun Dial!

Israel is God’s Sun dial

First of all, one must recognize that Israel is God’s Sun dial!   If you want to know End Time Prophesy you need to understand Israel!  The following slides will get you the basic knowledge that many are lacking but is a necessary to understanding End Time Eschatology or end time events.

Picture #2 God’s Land Requirements

God frees Jacob’s 12 sons and family from Egypt and gives them the Land of Israel!  Israel to be Punished if they do not keep the Sabbath Rest Every Seventh Year for the land!

Land Requirements

Picture #3 Continuation of God’s Land Requirements

Land Requirements Continuation

Picture #4 Simple picture of Sabbatical Rest!

Rest the land every seventh year

Picture #5 When Seventy Years Completed!

God declared that Israel violated the Land rest or the Sabbatical Rest for 490 years!  Which is seventy times or 70!   So, God kept a record and declared that for 490 years divided by 7 = 70 years they violated God’s command of not letting the land rest every seven years.   When the Seventy Years are completed God judged Babylon and begin the process of letting Israel come back to their land!  

When 70 of Punishment completed

Picture #6 Seventy Years Past and Seventy Years Future!

Why is there another Seventy Years Future Judgment for Israel? To refresh, Israel violated 70 years of rest for the land, a 7th year rest for 490 years in the past while in the land!

However, God allowed the people to come back into the land but Israel per God’s discernment, failed to truly repent of their sin and God determined another future 490 years Judgment and determined to bring all sin and judgement to an end per Daniel 9:24. I don’t believe Israel ever kept the Sabbatical Year? Can you imagine the blessing of keeping it and for the Sixth year, God would over abundantly bless the land so that there is enough harvest for Three years? Leviticus 25:21

Picture #7 General Snap Shot of Daniel 9:24-27!

General snap shot of Daniel 9

Above is a general snap shot of Daniel 9:24-27!  There is a detail version of Daniel 9:25, 26 and 27 explaining how verses 25 & 26 have been fulfilled and verse 27 needs to be fulfilled to complete sin and the judgment of God!

Exactly 69 weeks, starting at 444 B.C. to exactly 33 A.D. is Palm Sunday and Jesus dies the following week!  Pretty incredible to be just chance!   This is exactly fulfilled in Daniel 9:25! “…Until the Messiah…”! Again is this not fascinating?
Now there is a remaining 1 week to complete the 70th week prophecy or 70 * 7 = 490 years prophecy as spoke about in precious slides.  I won’t discuss the last week in detail here. To know that God has an end plan for His creation of mankind is shouting in the pages of His Word.

Using an Easysurf calculator, one can enter the March 444 B.C. when the decree is signed to rebuild the walls and enter an end date of 33 A.D. and end up at Palm Sunday!

Since 69 weeks, (69*7) is exactly 483 Hebrew years converted to 476 Gregorian years, it comes to exactly the time when Jesus rides on a colt into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and 1 week later dies on the cross for our sins! Pretty amazing isn’t it? You just can’t make this stuff up! We use the Gregorian calendar not the Jewish calendar!

If you can’t get it, just keep at it and re-read and try to understand!

476 yrs Gregorian years

Four Reasons for the Seven -Year-Tribulation

Four Reasons for Tribulation

Why the Seven-Year Tribulation

Why the Seven Year Tribulation

Pass it on for other Christians in the body to enjoy! 

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