St. Paul, Minneapolis Burn

The destruction of two major city side by side happened in a lawless society in 2020! A foretaste of things to come!  What you are seeing is a war torn city destroyed by its own people in a lawless society! Where everyone does what they think is right in their own eyes! Total anarchy from within! Next will be your churches, your homes, and your land in submission to the radical left mob! The unnatural atmosphere of burnt down businesses is expressed by bizarre music capturing the moment.

The radical left looters destroyed even schools and the very businesses they work for while demonstrating their rage of anger. The city expects the Federal government to foot the bill for all this destruction. The city is a candidate for sharia law in November 2020. Do not expect the police force to be replaced by a community law enforcement team especially since the Attorney General Keith Ellison of MN is a devote Muslim. Don’t forget DEMOCRAT REP. ILHAN OMAR of MN, a devote Muslim who CALLS FOR ‘DISMANTLING’ OF U.S. ‘ECONOMY AND POLITICAL SYSTEM‘.

Take a look at the number of buildings in this link destroyed by looting riots in Minneapolis Minnesota? You won’t believe it! And so the people destroyed their jobs! And the city is looking for Federal relief to fix the problem! Is that right?

So who is the root initiator of BLACK LIVES MATTER? Check this video out? I’ve never witnessed such hatred spewing out of these people’s mouths. For the most part, no one is hating people like they are projecting. Do you think the common folks are sitting up at night trying to make war with their neighbor? They are just trying to make a living.