Breath of God

God creating Mankind!

The “Breath of God” video shows God in His Creation breathing His Spirit into mankind. Man rebels against God’s authority and becomes slaves to the devil and his evil desires!

Because of God’s love, the Son obeys the Father and become 100% God and 100% Man to rescue us from death in Hell!    Sin requires a judgment of death!   God said that in Genesis 2 “… In the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”

God could not wave a magic wand to cancel the debt man owed to God which is death for disobedience!   God does not provide salvation to fallen angles or demons!

Jesus had to be a man and identify himself as a man and to be a perfect sinless sacrifice to die on the cross on behalf of mankind for their sins!   He was the only one that could do that!

No other prophet or man has ever declared himself a perfect sacrifice for mankind since the beginning of creation!