Coming Avalanche & Waiting for His Appearing

The Coming Avalanche and Rapture is coming to our Earth in spite of the Current Deadliness and Unbelief occurring in the Church body today.

What is the Rapture?

Rapture is derived from the Greek word harpazo, meaning to be caught up, or to be snatched up in the air to be with Jesus Christ for only believers whose name is written in the book of Life.

Rapture of Church Believers is on the Horizon!

One of the greatest events of our times could happen in church history at any time and the church is asleep or traditionally blinded by their leaders! Just like the Jewish scribes and pharisees spouted off nonsense during Jesus time!  They were unaware of the most important event happening of all times.  They didn’t know the signs of the times as Jesus rebuke them Matthew 16:3!

What are Christians looking for Today?

A recent poll reveals that Evangelicals are more concerned about healthcare, economy than religious liberty, or abortion. I might guess that thinking about the Rapture is probably not on their radar screens either since most churches don’t have a clue of it’s meaning mush less even preach on it.

Now if the poll was taken toady it would probably be feelings of missing the good ole days when one could shop at a mall, go to outdoor activities, travel and work without being subjected to a police state rule mentality but still no moral outcry of the immorality or injustice going on today!

Church Leaders and Pew warmers not interested in Rapture

I might not get an ear to listen for a second on the topic of the Rapture because it has been battered around by so called Christian apologist who pervert the Truth of Christ appearing that it hardly seems relevant in our day and age. There are church groups pew warmers that even label the “Rapture” as the number 1 lie of the devil!

How did the Church just appear as thought they were there already?

They who support the viewpoint that the Raptureis the number 1 lie of the devil are willfully ignorant or just fools of what the Bible literally speaks about in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 in that believers in Jesus will be caught up into heaven with Jesus! Everyone should believe in the Rapture because that’s how Jesus gets His people into heaven with their new resurrected bodies!

But it’s the timing of when this will happen is where Christians disagree on. One should wonder why the church is omitted starting from Revelation 4 all the way up to chapter 19, where the the church is in heaven already?How did they get there? It was the Rapture that got them there.

But if we examine some of the earliest books of the Bible, 1st and 2nd Thessalonians and understand the key points of each of the chapters, we may walk away with a different perspective! I took the pleasure of highlighting each chapter a with actual scripture to understand what Paul was teaching the early Christians about the Appearance of Christ and End Time Wrath of God.

Anyone who says the Rapture or snatching away, a more literal term is a false doctrine is not searching their Bible or perhaps quoting from a book or saying what their Pastor taught them.  But the early church was taught to look for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of Jesus Christ return as imminent, and that it could happen at any moment Titus 2:13! Do we say it’s a false teaching because Christ didn’t come in our life time? No! Many look at scripture based on how they feel at a particular moment.

We are Not waiting for His second Coming but we are waiting for a departure from this world when He takes us into the heavens.  The second coming of Jesus Christ is at the end of the Tribulation when He sets His foot on Mount Olive in Jerusalem to rescues Israel, Zechariah 14:3-4.

Don’t believe the false Prophets

Don’t believe those false prophets and their proud chatter, 2 Timothy 4:3-4 as they do not know their Bibles and they themselves desire to go through the Tribulation of God’s Wrath and do not look for the hope of our resurrection to be with Jesus as taught by Paul inspired by the Holy Spirit!  Do not let them rob you of the hope and joy taught in the early church!

Did the Progressive Woke Churches forget this while breaking Bread?

I might ask those that disagree with the early church teachings, then why are you celebrating the Lord’s table in your church if you are not looking for the lost hope of Christ returning again?

The most common scripture recited by the early church while watching and waiting for His return 1 Corinthians 11:26! Notice that the scripture does not say, to celebrate the Lord’s table by eating the bread and drinking the cup until the end of the world, but until He comes! Many are focused on the end of the world and survival instead of the hope of Christ return!

Is the Rapture really Relevant for our times?

Is the Rapture really important to know since many people have put time stamps on the Rapture of the Church and therefore failed and discouraged believers to the point where a pastor from a nearby Mega church sarcastically says. “Nobody teaches the Rapture anymore!” He made reference that 70% don’t teach it anymore!

Paul encourages believers to eagerly await for His salvation or Return but says those that eagerly wait for His appearing will receive a reward as a crown?   How many times have you heard your preacher encourage you to look for His Return?

What Reward is Paul talking about?

Finally, there is laid up for me the Crown of Righteousness 2 Timothy 4:8, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing!

While were on the topic of Crowns, are you curious to know if you will have any crowns to throw at Jesus feet during the Judgment seat of Christ?  See Chart of Crowns to see which ones you may be eligible for.  

5 Minute in content Examination of 1st Thessalonians Chapter’s basic theme

Just simply read over the summery of each chapter in 1st Thessalonians to grasp what Paul is teaching the early Christian Church?   Shouldn’t the 21st Century Christian Churches be able to teach the same?  Look at the five chapters and the Summary theme along with supporting verse for each chapter.   

Read them aloud if you have to for concentration sake.  You owe it to yourself to do so!   You can spend an entire day on social media and get a lot of trash which shows you where your priorities are.  Spend time in His Word and see how this transformation might change your perspective on the appearing of Jesus Christ.  I did the hard work for you and summarized it with Scriptural references.   All you have to do is read it!

The book was written in such a way whereby the Rapture could have happened at anytime.   God wants His Church to view His appearance that way.  

And in verse 5:9 Paul says we are not appointed to the Wrath of God but obtained salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ!  The early Biblical teachings of God exempt Christians from God’s Wrath.  But notice again that Paul says we are not of the darkness but of the light!

The books of Thessalonians were some of the earliest writing of the New Testament. The book of Revelation and the Books of John were not written yet by the Apostle John.  

5 Minute in content Examination of 2nd Thessalonians Chapters  for basic theme

Just simply read over the summery of each chapter in 2nd Thessalonians to grasp what Paul is teaching the early Christian Church?   Shouldn’t the 21st Century Christian Churches be able to teach the same?  Look at the first two chapters and the Summary theme along with supporting verse for each chapter. 

Did the Early Church Miss the Rapture?

The early Christians were being taught more than what is being taught in Churches today!    The Thessalonian believers thought that they missed the Rapture and perhaps were waiting for the day of the Lord or simply put, the day of God’s wrath!

But Paul was saying, there hasn’t been a falling away yet and the Holy Spirit, the restrainer, or the body of Christ restraining the evil one in the world has not occurred 2nd Thessalonians 2:3!

And Paul describes how it will be when the Anti-Christ comes and sets up himself in the temple of God deceiving everyone proclaiming he is God, verse 4! Paul is immediately taking them to the midway point in the Tribulation where an abomination of desolation has occurred, Daniel 9:27!  Jesus speaks of this in Matthew 24! Paul is emphasizing that destruction will come upon this earth as a thief in the night and fool everyone by saying there is peace and safety but really sudden destruction will come upon the earth verse 3!

If the Tribulation is Close, then How Far Can the Rapture be?

Give a watch to this next video called “The Great I Am” and wonder as you see the many things, if not all are happening today and how close we are to End Time events.
If you should read the book of Revelation or Matthew 24 you will see some of the same things happening now that has never happened in anyone’s lifetime but ours.
So how much closer than are we to the Rapture of the Church? If you keep reading on, I’ll try to convince you with scripture that this is true. I will not necessary use other men’s books or some teaching from churches but show scripture to prove my point.

Is there a Difference between the Rapture and the 2nd Coming of Jesus?

If you are confused as most people are about the Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ then begin to look up these scriptures and compare.  These two events are very different and many think they are the same thing.

Difference Between Rapture & 2nd Coming of Christ

Is there Biblical Support for Christians to go Through the Tribulation?

The Number 1 most widely used Flawed arguments for saying Christian will go through the Tribulation is that Christians have been persecuted for ages and so why shouldn’t we be persecuted too!  And they continue with illogical nonsense saying there are more persecutions going on today and so expect to get persecuted too and make that synonymous with the Seven Year Tribulation of God’s Wrath!   Yes, that is true that we will most likely get persecuted! But this argument has no basis of scriptural support!   Yes, Paul says through many trials and tribulation or persecution one must go through …. But that is not speaking of the Wrath of God and any other argument is just an emotional argument with no scriptural support for the Church going through the Seven Year Tribulation!

Is there a Difference between the Wrath of God and Persecution?

The Wrath of God and persecution of Christians are different and most Christians cannot discern the difference between the Wrath of God and Persecution.   See the differences between the Wrath of God and Persecution at the Ezekiel 38 War page.

Five Most Commonly Inaccurate Scriptural references Self-Acclaimed Experts use to support the Rapture!

It just makes we wonder why so many self-acclaimed prophesy experts use Matthew 24 and 25 to support their Rapture views when Jesus was speaking about Future Suffering pertaining to the Jews and the One thousand year Millennium reign of Christ and Not the Church!  Remember the disciples are not asking questions about the Church were they?  If you are struggling with this than go back to the original questions His disciples asked at beginning of chapter.

Questions to Ask Yourself while reading Matthew 24

For those students that are searching for truth, here are some questions you need to ask yourself while reading Matthew 24.

1. There are two times when the Disciples asked Jesus about future events. In Matthew 24:3 Jesus specifically answers questions about the sign of His coming, and of the End of the Age  with no mention of the Rapture or the Church. In Acts 1:6-8  His Disciples wondered when He would restore the nation Israel but now Jesus speaks about a mystery, the beginnings of the Church age Acts 2:2-4.

2. Remember Paul says the Church is a mystery Colossians 1:26 at the time Jesus is discussing signs of His coming and the End of Age. So, these verses are not speaking of the Church but of Israel or the future judgment.   One should review the chart “Difference between Rapture and Second Coming” and many other scriptures to support the Rapture but not build a Rapture Eschatology from verses in Matthew 24.

3. When Jesus speaks about the “abomination of desolation” in verse 15, describing the perversion of the Temple, ask your self, does the Church offer sacrifices at some Jewish Temple? No, the Holy Spirit is in the hearts or temple of the believer.  Again, this is all Jewish content not Church content!

4. When Jesus says in Matthew 24:36-42 …of that day and hour no one knows…”, Is Jesus talking about the Rapture? No He is speaking of judgment and it happens immediately after the tribulation Matthew 24:29-31

5. Matthew 24:29-31 specifically state:”Immediately after the tribulation …” Jesus will send His angles to gather the elect. Does that sound like the Rapture when the Angles are sent to gather the elect? No. For the Rapture, Jesus comes in the clouds and the dead in Christ rise first than we which are alive will also rise to meet Christ in the clouds 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.  The angles are gathering those for judgment.

6. Many Christians have inaccurately used Matthew 24:36-42 to support the Rapture, “two men … one taken and the other left” or “two women … one taken and the other left” because they can’t understand scripture in logical content. Jesus is speaking of Judgment and that they will not enter the Millennial reign with Christ, They fail to see that Jesus says in verse 29, before verses 36 – 44 in Matthew 24:29-31Immediately after the tribulation …” that provides the logical content of what happens after the Tribulation?   Correct, the One-Thousand-year Millennial reign of Christ follows and those separated are not raptured but taken for judgment and those left are believers from the Tribulation who will be entering into the Millennium! Also take Luke 17:26-30 and understand that Jesus is speaking about judgment or the “day of the Lord“!  2 Pet. 3:10 refers:  As it was in the days of Noah and Jesus adds, and as it was in the days of Lot, so it will be when the Son of Man is revealed.   Again this is the judgment of God not the Rapture!


What happened to those in Noah’s day?   Many were judged and only eight believers were saved and blessed to continue on the earth to re-populate

What happened in the days of Lot?  The people were judged!  Only 3 were saved to continue on the earth!

Will the Rapture occur before the Ezekiel 38 War?

So how far are we from the Rapture or could we experience the Ezekiel 38 War prior to the Rapture?   For a musical experience and scenario of this event, click on  Ezekiel 38 War. 

Can You Survive God’s Wrath in the Seven Year Tribulation?

For those who think they can get through Seal Judgment #4 and Bowl Judgment #6?

There are Numerous Christians that oppose the Rapture and say we must go through it!    Well I give you hope and encouragement!   

Let’s say you make it through to the End of the Tribulation and avoid accepting the Anti-Christ Stamp and avoid all the plagues and famine and earthquakes and avoid getting killed in between Seal Judgement #4 where 1/4th of mankind dies and Bowl judgment #6 where 1/3rd of mankind dies which is over 1/2 the world population then I have a surprise for you because you will be there among regenerated Jews. Run over to the Israel Restored Spiritually page for your surprise while watching the Thief in the Night video  that shows reasons why there is encouragement mainly for the Remnant of Israel!    

What about the Seventh Trumpet Post Tribulations speak about?

Many people look at Matthew 24:29-31, Mark 13:24-27, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 and 1 Corinthians 15:52 and try make it fit in the scenario by saying it’s the “LAST TRUMPET” supposedly found in Revelation 11:15-19 of the seventh trumpet judgement and succumb to a Post Tribulation theology (going through part of the tribulation) where they inject that people will be rapture at that time.  

One need to keep in mind that when reading Revelation 11:15-19, there is no mention of a Rapture there but mentions that it’s the Seventh Trumpet of judgments and does not even say Final trumpet but says Seventh trumpet just before the next series of Bowl judgments

One needs to re-read the sections on the 5 most commonly questions to ask yourself while reading Matthew 24 and Mark.  It is not for the church age.

And then they use Matthew 24:29-31 by saying Christ will come and they shall see the Son of man in the clouds with power and great glory….

The true rapture is invisible to the world but the Rapture that the Post Tribulation use is that all will see Christ which is not what 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 speaks about.  It’s the dead in Christ first then those that are alive will be raptured. And besides, it’s a different crowd meeting Christ! One should review the differences between the Rapture and the 2nd’ Coming of Christ.

A World Catastrophe is on the Horizon!

No one wants to think this but do you really think society can continue on much longer without intervention from our Creator?

Remember the days when you would get tiny amounts of disdainful news but were mostly worried about just getting a job and supporting a family and just living! It seems that in the name of embracing and accepting everyone views, that the worlds moral system has split apart to the degree that man is shaking their fist in defiance to God and His standards!

How much longer can Israel Defend Herself?

On the horizon, do your really think that Israel can defend itself against a hostile Iran and other nations that are opposing Israel.

For understanding of Israel in the Seven-Year Tribulation, and why End Time prophecy makes no sense until Israel was revived as a nation in 1948. See the beginnings of the rebirth of Israel and where Seven years of judgments are destined for Israel as outlined in Daniel 9:27 that have never been fulfilled, “Israel Restored, Rebirth of Israel”.

Can the USA Defend itself against an Internal Coup?

Because of the tight elections in the US, it takes no intelligence to know that sometime in the near future, the Democrats will take control of this nation and persecution will begin like it has never occurred before. If you don’t believe me then look at the democrat debates and see what they say and think about Christians?  Since the Ten Commandments, a moral compass was removed from public-school in the 1960’s it’s not alarming to realize we are reaping those fruits!

Living in a Deteriorating World!

We should not reject the teachings of an Immanent Rapture of Church believers just because no one teaches it anymore or some false prophet came up with date setting! As we live in this deteriorating world, we can stock pile food and attempt to isolate ourselves from worldly decay and think our world leaders will solve our mess!

Have you noticed lately?

Just a thought but have you notices that as society gets more and more indignant towards God and His standards, the weirder things in our environment are taking place more rapidly? It seems like the thermostat is being set higher and higher as a warning of things to come.  More and more disasters happening by the hours instead of by months or years!

Pass it on for other Christians in the body to enjoy! 

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