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  1. Touch the Sky
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Glory to God!


Touch The Sky – Jerry Sulwer – 9/29/15 http://forhimforever.com/
Uh Higher!
And higher you go!
Reach for the skies!
Embrace the Son and let yourself go Free!

You Light up the Word!
In Your Light we see light!

Pray, Confess, Humble yourself, Reach out for the Lord today!
Wipe out the guilt!
Wipe out the pain!
Block out the evil and hold on to Jesus!

In Union with Jesus!
Glorify the God!
Don’t look back!
Oh don’t look back!
You’re no slave to Sin!
You’re a child of God!
Keep those hands held high!

Singing a new song to Him!
From a debtor freed from sin!
Raise your voice to His heavens!
Give all your worries to Him!
Raise your voice to His Throne!

He’s on your side!
Rejoice to be free!
Rest in Him!
Don’t lose hope!

You are in His hands!
Don’t turn back!
Raise your hands to the sky!
Reach and touch His Anointed!
Lift your hands to HIs heavens!
Receive a Holy Vision from the Lord!