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God's Glory!


Battle of the Mind
Author: Jerry Sulwer 6-20-14
A song describing battles experiences Christians face.
The lyrics describe the heaviness of trials and the downward pull of emotions and confusion one goes through during battles.
And before we go down too far in damaging thoughts, we can call on the name of the Lord and be lifted up with a new song before we get caught in the downward spiral of self-pity!
The song is patterned after the Psalms since many of them start out by describing their pain and concludes how the Lord delivered them.

Making your way through a maze,
Feel the struggle,
Feel the weariness,
Look up, look down –all is swirling!
By faith you press on,
Until you see,
A distant light in sight!

Slipping up and down you can’t get your grip its war,
Its battle of the mind,
Its battle of the soul,
Its struggles of the flesh,
When bending, pushing, pounding, squeezing to the endless limits,
Where Strength turns to Weariness
Mind dictates failure, flesh falling, Vision blurring,
Pulling to the left,
One foot slips,
Lean to the left balance off on the right!
Tipsy tosses God’s grace you’re out of the maze!

God’s grace pulling you through,
God’s grace giving you a new song!

A new song playing in your mind!
One note at a time,
Tick tock a melody comes
Sing it one bar,
Change the melody,
Take it to the skies now!
On the count of 3,
Call on His Name!
Rock of salvation!
Infinite wisdom!
Eternal Salvation
Trust in His Name,
Wonder of His Love,
Fear His Judgments,
Fear His Name!
Come Lord Jesus don’t delay!

Look to the skies; reach for Jesus,
Look to the solid Rock that is higher!
Don’t look to those who ridicule you!
Or look to yourself,
Or you’ll start to tumble,
Over again you’re jammed in a squeeze,
It’s a spiral nose dive,
Get out now,
Call on His Name!
Or you’re going down, down,
And you can’t get out,
Cause it pulling you down,
Then comes the fall,
And the sky is falling
And you lose your chance,
On calling on His Name!