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Glory to God!


Forgiveness– ForHimForEver – 8/28/17 http://forhimforever.com/
When words aren’t enough … and tossed to the wind!
Ears never hearing … oh pleas of sorrow!
For not to forgive … is bondage to yourself!
And harm to your soul … robbing peace of mind!
When you suffered much … maybe you’ll come back!
And agree with me though … feeling years of pain!
Some will never learn … grow bitter and die!
Defending they’re right … in their prideful heart!
Tears won’t bring them back … once dead to tell them!
Forgive and repent … and accept my love token!
Break the bondage … forgiveness brings peace!
Restore your soul … by the grace of God!
Jesus Commands …. to forgive all men!
Forgive their trespasses … and your Father will forgive you!
If you can’t forgive them … neither will He forgive you!
* Lay down revenge … by yielding to Gods Spirit!
* Confess bitterness … by yielding to Gods Spirit!
Some will never learn … forgiveness … until it’s too late!
Let it light up your soul! Let it light up your soul!
Live out your Freedom!