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Glory to God


Title: Christian Traveler Song Video
Music Composer: Jerry Sulwer
Singer: Jerry Sulwer
Recorded by: Jerry Sulwer
Date: 7-12-11,

<Part 1a>
A new day has arrived!
Joyful Celebration in the Streets,
Take to the highways, clap your hands let the music flow!
And hands held high!

<Part 1b>
You can see the light my friend, first step is to open your heart!
Tears come from my eyes as you listen to the melody come alive!
You wonder if what I say is truth or just another myth,
Its not by chance, It’s your destiny; It’s a war that tugs at your soul!

You stumbled onto this song, with your conscience weighing heavily!
I tell you that His Spirit is gently speaking to you, your inner soul!
He’s telling you that He can make you Alive,
He’s telling you that you can be truly free!
Oh come all ye that are His! It’s Jesus calling you to His Heart!

Draw near to Jehovah God my friend,
And listen to His calling & heed His warnings!
Come to His Cross and turn from your wickedness!
Come to His Throne and see His Holiness,
Come to His Throne and leave yours behind at once!
Your at the cross roads with Him and yourself, only you!
Leave yourself behind!
Repent of your sins!
And don’t look back!
Becoming His!
And celebrate victory won for you!

Now bow your knees before God, God Almighty to save!
And say in your heart, Christ has forgiven me of my sins by going to the Cross and paying the debt and penalty of sin I owe to God!

<Part 2a> Psalm 18: 10
Lives His life Eternal in me!
O Lord my God, how great you are!
Robed with honor and majesty!
Makes the clouds like His chariots!
Rides on the wings of Cherubs through galaxies stepping over infinite universes!

Wrapped Himself in Light as one dresses himself in a robe!
Stretches the starry heavens like rolling out a carpet across the sky!
You make the winds your messenger
And flashes of lightening are serving you!
You placed the world on its solid foundation
So that it could never be moved.

Higher and passing through the heavens,
In the presence of His Holy Throne!
Traveling beyond the most distant star,
As He exist beyond the Universe!
Mighty is He who sits on the Throne!
Above all rulers and authorities!
Above all powers and dominions created!
In light and darkness,
Forever in time and all eternity!

His name is Jesus Christ!
Son of the Living God,
Whose Wisdom, Knowledge, Power, Glory and Honor alone belong to Him!
Don’t be fooled by the false prophets,
Who claim His Majesty,
Either under heaven or on the earth!
He speaks by the things He created,
By the things eternal and unseen,
Who sits on the Throne invincible, and supreme above all else!

<Part 3>
We are here for a moment in time, it feels like eternity!
How do you compare a snapshot frozen in time to eternity?
Our walk in this life is all that we know,
A walk in eternity never ends!
A traveler at best is what I am!
A glimpse of this life is all that remains!

<Part 4> Ending
You’ve heard His message clearly today,
Jesus speaking to you in a song,
Take heart come to Jesus!
Don’t let the god of this age blind you!
Don’t let the god of your mind fashion you!
Don’t wait another day my friend!
Does He who fashioned the ear not hear?
Does He who formed the eye not see?

He looks in your heart and sees a seed of faith
Accepts you as a precious child of God!
He knows all your failures from beginning to end!
Give them to Jesus by believing Him!
It’s like throwing them into the deepest seas!
As far as the east is from the west, He remembers your sins no more!
Then take to the streets and celebrate a new life!
You can be a traveler in this life waiting for your new home!