Freedom from Tyranny

When Front Line Doctors are Squelched by Big Brother!

You be the judge? Will hydroxychloroquine work for you? Whether it works or not should be the choice of the people to choose and not for the social media giants to dictate the rule of censorship. Sure maybe their needs to be more studies but why play god and shut down debatable topics like this? Why aren’t the social media giants, so called experts shutting down Marxist sites and groups who say they are largely peaceful and then stand back and watch a city get demolished? Why not screen the news media and shut down their site for blatant false information?

What People Take for Granted in the US!

Watch this One-Minute video and witness what a Soviet Communist Government is like and how America is crafted to resemble a totalitarianism government! We are One Election away from sealing a dictatorship, government controlled, authoritative fate for America.  If you are passive and do nothing, your rights will be taken away! Stand up for the Freedoms in America for Your children! Stand up for your constitutional rights that were fought for you!

Look at the current uprising in Germany where there are Hundreds of thousands are protesting the tyrannical dictates of government! In America we have, a hundred here and a hundred there. Those numbers aren’t going to change a politicians mind.

Who will pay your taxes on your house? Who will pay mortgage or rent? I can tell you the state will be eager to take your house and land when you can’t pay for it! Your taxes are due and don’t expect the state to help you! The government workers are ok, they get paid anyways. But not you! There will be a smile of their face cheek to cheek as they take over your property!

Truth Censored, Banned by YouTube, Who’s Next?

Did you ever think passing Truth around would be that difficult whereby YouTube deletes videos because it spells truth?  Well we are in that day and age and I just couldn’t let this one be deleted!  There are similar full length videos still around but not on google!  

While looking around on social media, I noticed quite a few blank videos on various post of these two doctors from Bakersfield CA.   Yes one can search and find a google statement saying they are removing ads that conflict with World Health Center (WHO) but I didn’t think for one moment that it was real at least to the point it is now.    

In defense of google, I suppose any site has rights to make rules on what is uploaded or not but to silence speech is another thing and now business are controlling people along with the government

Millions of Cases & Small amount of Deaths! Banned #1

These  Two doctors researched their numbers based on CDC and discuss how to build a immune system.

Estimates were Wrong! Banned #2

The Two Doctors here just Nuked Dr. Anthony Fauci!

Dr. Anthony Fauci says Don’t Wear Face Mask?

Did I hear this correctly?  Do not wear a face mask?  Is not Dr. Anthony Fauci the renowned respected Doctor on viruses?   So then why are people acting like clones and everywhere you look you see people wearing masks? 

Should Dr. Anthony Fauci be arrested?

After watching this video you will be asked your opinion if Dr. Anthony Fauci should be arrested?

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